Hypoallergenic Hunting Dogs

Many of the hunting dogs have now become house pets. There are many of the hunting dogs that are also Hypoallergenic and great for those who have allergies. These hunting dogs are specifically for hunting small games that include hunting foxes, rabbits and many other small animals. The Three well-known breeds consist of the German shorthaired pointer, the Basenji and the Afghan hound.


This German Shorthaired Pointer is a graceful dog and is still used for hunting. Since it has short hair and does not shed much hair and dander, it is great as a hypoallergenic dog. The hair can be brushed quite easily too. For all these factors, the German shorthaired pointer is considered as great dog for those who have allergies. The dogs are quite friendly and it is safe to have them with children. They are athletic and require exercise. Give them a bath only when they are dirty.

It is a loyal companion and is great to have, when you are going outdoors. It can move very quickly and responds to noise very fast. It is a cross between a German Pointer and an English Pointer. The hair of the Afghan hound is similar to that of a human hair and is very fine. It does not shed too much air and is a hypoallergenic dog though it may not look like one. For this reason, it is considered to be a great dog for those who have allergy problems. It is quite a good looking dog and used for hunting purposes. It is a lovable and a loyal companion that.

It is not a very obedient dog and will sometimes show its independent streak. If you are looking for a dog that you can control, then this dog is not for you. Unlike other hypoallergenic dogs, they are not very good with commands and can sometimes totally disregard their owner. But with their beautiful brown coat, they are a joy to have.

The Basenji is another hunting dog that has its origins in Africa. This dog will hardly bark but can just yelp once or twice. It is great to have the dog in the apartment as it hardly creates any ruckus. The dog also has short hair and does not shed often. It can imitate the sounds in the environment and is a Hypoallergenic dog that loved by its owners.

The Basenji also does not take orders well from owners. It is a quiet dog that loves to discover new places. It has been compared to a cat as its behavior and temperament is similar to a cat. It is possible for you to train it to carry out specific tasks. However, it will not obey your orders most of the time.


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