Hairless Hypoallergenic Dog

If you are really looking for hypoallergenic dogs, then you should opt for a hairless dog. There are hairless dogs that are available in medium sizes and not just in small sizes. Before you decide to buy hypoallergenic dogs, you should do a bit of research. This will help you in getting a dog that you really want. The types of hairless dogs that are available are the Chinese Crested, the American Hairless Terrier, the Peruvian Hairless, and the Mexican hairless.


The Mexican hairless is difficult to find since there are few breeders who are available in the US and other countries in North America. Since this breed of dog has a short coat, it does not need to be combed or groomed. This can be a big advantage since you do not need to do frequent vacuuming. Contrary to the popular notion, this breed is available in many sizes.

A breed that is not completely hairless is the American hairless Terrier. This dog has a short coat which does not need to be groomed or combed. It is really a freak of the nature that was discovered in 1972, but breeders have been successful in breeding it since 1981. Since it is a terrier, its small husky dog and is extremely friendly especially with children. It suits the lifestyles of those living in small apartments and get allergy attacks.

The Chinese Crested is available in two species. The first variety is hairless but has hair on the paws, head and the tail. The second variety has fine hair like humans all over its body. Both the varieties don't shed much and are considered as Hypoallergenic Dogs. A professional can groom the dog for you, or you can do it yourself, provided you know what you are doing.

A Peruvian Hairless is truly the hairless breed. It is in medium size and is a very intelligent dog. It needs to follow commands and won't always obey. Don't buy this dog unless you have had prior experience with dogs.

Take certain precautions, when keeping the hairless Hypoallergenic Dogs

They need lots of attention, exercise and like to be with their owners.

Some of the breeds can get sunburn. Be careful when exposing them for a long time in the sun. You can apply the sunscreen lotion on their body to prevent sunburns.

They can also have lots of dry skin or acne. Keep their coat soft and supple and apply skin creams to keep the skin moisturized.

Since the Hypoallergenic Dogs are not popular as the other breeds, you need to look for a breeder. Search the internet to look for a breeder in your own locality. It is important that you can verify the credentials of the breeder before you actually purchase the dog. Visit the premises to look at the living conditions and verify the breed of the dog.


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